At Asset Finance Shop, we offer the best deals when it comes to time to purchase semi-truck finance. Our leading experience in heavy vehicle loans means that we can help you acquire your next semi leasing.

Firstly, before financing a truck, you need to know what sort of prime mover you are looking to buy. Some options include:

New or Used Truck 

The age determines the cost whereby a new semi truck can go up to $200,000 from $80,000. An excellent used vehicle should be at least 5 five years old with little or no mechanical problem.

Type of Semi truck

 Semi-trucks come in two different makes depending on their work; short distances (day cabs) and long distances (sleeper).

Trucks used for long distances are more expensive as compared to the locally used. They are designed differently to accommodate the extra load.

Once you have determined, the model and type of semi truck, the next step is the most crucial. That is to find the best deal, with the right loan term that suits you.

Semi Truck Finance guide:

We know getting the funds to purchase a truck can be hard. Luckily, Our team at Asset Finance Shop have years of industry experience and want to help you get on the road.

When you decide to follow this path, there are several factors that you should put into consideration.

Your Credit score, Good or Bad?

A credit score shows the lenders that you are a risk worth taking.

There are two types of credit score; good and bad credit score. The difference in these scores determines the terms that lenders will agree upon.

With a good credit score (above 650) you can get a higher loan with a low-interest rate of 5%. The repayment period can be as long as five years and shorter loan approval.

If your credit score is low (below 650), many other brokers will not offer their services. Moreover, those willing to take you on will charge high-interest rates of up to 30%, with a shorter repayment time.

However, not to worry, our specialists in the office will help you with a finance solution even if your credit score is lacking through other means if needed.

Get Fast Approval on a Truck Loan

Asset Finance Shop offers finance loans on any truck, whether new or used, we formulate a solution for you.

If you are buying your truck from a reputable dealer, your loan will be approved fast, so give us a call, and let’s get you driven.

How We Help

We offer you a finance solution and help you get the best truck loan. We have helped many truck drivers by connecting them to a deal that suits them. We advise, strategies and approve their truck loan on based on each individual’s situation

The advantage of using our team is that you will be earning with your truck as you make the payments.

Why Finance Beats Leasing a Truck  

Leasing, you can increase the monthly installments by getting a step-up lease. You do this when the truck makes a good income. For the moment it might be cheaper, but your only investing in the present time and not making way for bigger things.

Leasing has disadvantages as your money is not going into an investment for your future. It is time to help build our economies with more business owners rather than more workers.

Also, you cannot change or modify the truck since it does not belong to you.

Get your Semi Truck, cheaper with Asset Finance Shop

All in all, getting a finance solution on your semi truck is an investment for the future. We understand the trucking industry, better than any regular finance broker as this is our specialty. Moreover choosing to purchase a truck is a tough one and comes with many tough financial decisions.

We love trucks and want to help Aussies get the semi truck on their terms. It is better to be driving one that’s going to be your own, rather than one with no future. Our industry experts at Asset Finance Shop want to work with you so that you can work for you and not anybody else.